Black Bean Chili With Oranges Recipe

Black Bean Chili With Oranges Recipe


2 pcs of onions (large); diced
2 cl of garlic; minced or crushed
1 Tbsp of salad oil
1 qt of chicken broth (regular strength)
A lb of black beans (dried); sorted washed
1 Tbsp of coriander seeds
1 tsp of allspice (whole)
1 tsp of oregano leaves (dried)
3/4 tsp of red chilies (dried); crushed
6 pcs of cardamom pods; removed hulls
2.5 lbs of orange for wedges, juice zest


Saute garlic with onions in oil on a covered saucepan on high-heat. Frequently stir ’til onions become translucent for 8-9 minutes then add in the remainder of ingredients excluding wedges, juice and zest of an orange.

Allow to boil on high-heat. Lower heat then allow to simmer with cover ’til beans have become soft for 1.5-2 hours. Meanwhile, zest an orange, squeeze out half cup of juice then remove the peel with thin membrane then cut orange thinly.

When chili is done, uncover then allow to boil ’til liquid is reduced for 10-15 minutes. Lower heat then occasionally stir as the mixture begins to thicken.

Turn off heat then add in one teaspoon of zest with orange juice. Pour into bowls and top with orange wedges.

Add sour cream,. cilantro and salt as necessary. Garnish chili with remainder of orange zest. Good for 6 persons.

Black Bean Chili With Oranges Recipe

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