Black Bean Chili Recipe #15

Black Bean Chili  Recipe # 15


3 Tbsps of vegetable oil
4 cl of garlic; chopped finely
2 pcs of onions (large); chopped
1/4-1/3 c of chili (powder)
2 pcs of green bell peppers; diced
A lb of stew meat (beef); cut to an inch cubes
Salt; optional
2 lbs of pork butt (boneless)
1 can of whole tomatoes (28 0zs); save the liquid
1-2 pcs of jalapeno; seeded diced
2 Tbsps of cumin; ground
A dash of cayenne pepper
Pepper (freshly ground)
2 c of black beans (cooked)
1/2 c of red wine (dry)
Cheese (Cheddar); shredded
Cilantro (fresh); chopped
Onions (red); chopped
Sour cream


Heat the oil into a large-sized Dutch-style oven. Saute peppers, onions with garlic on medium-heat ’til tender for 14-15 minutes.

Then, transfer sauteed mixture into a mixing bowl. Cook pork and beef on medium-heat ’til cooked through, frequently stirring for 8-10 minutes. Add sauteed onions to pan.

Add the tomatoes including the saved liquid. Add in peppers, cayenne, cumin plus chili. Season the mixture with pepper and salt if desired. Allow to simmer in pan with cover ’til meat becomes tender for an hour.

Mix wine and beans into chili. Allow to simmer ’til tender without cover and chili becomes thick in consistency for 25-27 minutes

Pour in to bowls and serve chili with sour cream, onions, cilantro and cheese on a separate serving bowls. Good for 8 persons.

Black Bean Chili #15 Recipe

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