Black Bean Chili (Pfeiffer) Recipe

Black Bean Chili (Pfeiffer) Recipe


4 c of black beans (dried)
2 Tbsps of oregno (dried)
2 pcs of onions (large); diced
1/2 c of olive oil
1.5 c of green bell peppers; diced finely
Flour tortillas (warm)
2 Tbsps of cumin (seed)
4.5 tsps of paprika (Hungarian)
3 Tbsps of garlic; finely chopped


Transfer beans inside a large-sized pot. Allow to soak with water. Allow to boil. Turn off heat then set it aside for a couple of hours.

Strain beans then return the beans inside the pot then add in enough water covering beans. Allow to boil with cover. Lower to medium to low-heat and allow to simmer ’til beans become tender for a couple of hours then add in water if needed.

Strain beans. Save three cups of liquid then return the beans inside the pot with a cup of liquid.

Combine oregano and cumin in a small-sized pan. Let it roast in a preheated oven with a temperature of 325 degrees-F. Shake spices often for ten minutes.

On a skillet, heat the oil. Saute green bell peppers, garlic and onions. Allow to cook on medium to high-heat for 3-4 minutes and add the roasted spices, cayenne, salt and paprika.

Cook ’til onions have become translucent about 10-12 minutes. Blend in jalapeno and tomatoes. Allow to boil. Add in the beans gently.

Thin out consistency with the saved liquid as needed. Roast and remove skin of red pepper. Cut to 1/4 inch pieces. Put in an ounce of cheese per serving bowl.

Garnish chili with red pepper plus sour cream. Serve with tortillas in another bowl. Good for 6 or more persons.

Black Bean Chili (Pfeiffer) Recipe

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