Bbq Chicken With Sesame-Chili Sauce Recipe

Bbq Chicken With Sesame-Chili Sauce Recipe


8 1/2 ounces jar of plum-sauce
1/3 c of soysauce
4 Tbsps of water
2 garlic cloves; minced
1/2 tsp of ginger (ground)
1/2 tsps of bottled hot-pepper sauce
2 1/2 – 3 pounds of broiler fryer chickens; cut-up
1/3 c of hoisin-sauce
3 Tbsps of honey
1 Tbsp of sesame seeds
1/2 tsp of five spice powder


Sesame Chili Sauce: Have all ingredients combined in saucepan excluding the chicken. You cook mixture over mid-heat ’til bubbly, stir frequently. Adjust the heat, then cover simmer it for five minutes, then set it aside.

Meanwhile, rinse the chicken then pat w/ paper towel to dry. Remove and have the skin discarded if you want. Break hip, drumstick and wing joints, then twist tips of wings under backs.

Grill chicken w/ skin-side-down directly on mid-coals for twenty minutes. Have it turned to the other side then cook for 15-25 mins more ’til tender chicken loses its pink color.

Brush w/ sauce during remaining ten minutes of cooking. Transfer into serving plate then have the rest of sauce heated.

Bbq Chicken With Sesame-Chili Sauce Recipe

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