Authentic Texas Border Chili Recipe

Authentic Texas Border Chili Recipe


3 medium tomatoes
1/4 tsp of dried Mexican oregano
5 large garlic cloves; finely chopped
1 Tbsp of lard
5 bellpeppers
1 pound of Non-Italian hot sausage
2 tsps of salt
4 Tbsps of ground red mild chili
1 can beer
1 large Burmuda onion; finely chopped
2 tsps of paprika
4 pounds of shank (beef); coarsely grind
4 bunches of scallions; chopped
5 fresh Serreno chilies
4 medium cloves garlic; finely chopped
4 Tbsps of ground red hot chili
3 Tbsps of cumin seed


Place tomatoes, onions, oregano, paprika and 1 clove garlic in blender then puree. Scrape mixture carefully into large thick pot then have your beef added.

Melt lard in thick skillet placed over mid-heat. Add bellpeppers, scallions, sausage, Serrano chilies, and reserved garlic. Cook ’til onions turn translucent sausage browns.

Put cumin in oven heat for few mins at 300 degrees F ’til browned lightly. Remove from oven then crush w/ mallet,add into beef-tomato mix. Add in salt, cumin, ground chili, water/beer enough to have everything covered.

Let it boil at mid-heat then adjust to low-heat and let it simmer without cover for 4-6 hrs. Add seasonings as desired.

Authentic Texas Border Chili Recipe

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