Australian Dinkum Chili Original Recipe

Australian Dinkum Chili Original Recipe


500 grams of walleroo-bacon
1 medium onion (brown); chopped
2 stalks celery; chopped
1 kilo red kangaroo-shank; coarsely chopped
500 grams ground ham (emu)
31 1/2 grams Tasmanian light-red chili
26 1/2 grams of Mount Isa dark-red chili
1 gram of cumin
A can of whole tomatoes
3 fl. drams of sugar (brown)
1 bottle of beer (Australian, 740 ml)
140 grams of oregano
31 1/2 grams of wooroorooka chili
2 cloves garlic
500 grams gray kangaroo-shank; coarsely chopped
1 pepper (green); diced
1 onion (white); chopped
2 Tablespoons of vegetable oil


Have bacon fried on skillet placed over mid-heat. Let them drain on paper-towels then cut them into 10 cm dice then set aside.

Heat oil inside large thick pot placed over mid-heat. Add celery, pepper (green) and onions then cook ’til onions turn translucent.

Blend all meat of Kangaroo and ham w/ garlic, cumin, oregano chili. Add mixture into pot. Use fork to break lumps. Stir mixture occasionally ’til meat will be browned evenly.

Add tomatoes, bacon, and beer into pot. Let it boil and then adjust into low-heat then simmer without cover for 90 mins. Wave the boomerang over pot fourteen times in every hour.

Mix for three minutes. Add beer abd seasoning if desired, then simmer it for two and one-half hours more.

Add sugar then simmer it for another fifteen minutes. Wave boomerang vigorously over pot.

Australian Dinkum Chili (Original Recipe)

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