Ambush Chili Recipe

Ambush Chili Recipe


3 lbs of lean ground-chuck steak
1 pc red bellpepper; chopped
3 onions (medium); chopped
2 ozs of sour-mash whiskey
2 Tbsps of fresh powdered cumin
1 Tbsp of molasses (blackstarp)
4 garlic cloves; crushed
1 Tbsp of soysauce
2 c of stewed tomatoes; chopped
3 lbs of lean pork-shoulder
1 c of tomato paste
1 green bellpepper; chopped
1 tsp of all-spice
8 pcs fresh Jalapeno; (2 pcs seeded and chopped; and the rest gashed)
12 ozs of beer
1 ozs of Tabasco hot-sauce
3 Tbsps of yellow cornmeal (fine)
3 pcs bay leaves
1 c of tomato-sauce
4 Tbsps of peanut oil


Saute garlic, peppers and onions in oil. Have your meat added then cook ’til browned. Blend in remaining ingredients excluding cumin. Constantly stir ’til boiling.

Let it boil 3 to 5 mins then adjust to low-heat, continue cooking, occasionally stirring. Ten minutes after, you add a Tablespoon cumin then stir.

Simmer for 60 mins then you add remaining cumin. Let it cook for 15 more mins then serve.

Ambush Chili Recipe

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