3 Secret Tips For Hot Pepper Growers

3 Secret Tips For Hot Pepper Growers

If you’re keen in growing hot peppers starting from their seed stage then definitely this informative article divulges 3 very helpful suggestions on how you can improve your plant growing skills to make your plant successful so you can maximize your pepper yield hence giving your more chili produce.

If you’re a beginner to chili growing then these 3 tips will surely assist you to have better results with your very first time.

1) Seeds should be bought from reliable suppliers

Most of the time, what people usually do is just take seeds out from their grocery-bought pepper then plant these seeds in pots but do beware because you might have funny results. If your parent chili plant was grown together with different varieties then doing this might result to a hybrid plant growing out from the seeds that you planted.

Also, 2nd generation germination of seeds are always slower. When you buy seeds, you are ensured of a productive plant to sprout from them and better results as well.

So, buy seeds from reliable suppliers thereby avoiding the problems stated above. And anyway, you can find chili seed suppliers everywhere even online. Don’t just take out seeds from the pepper that you find inside your fridge but make sure that you’re buying quality seeds for better produce.

2) Make sure that you plant seeds during the appropriate season

Choose the appropriate time in germinating the seeds because this is a very important step. A chili plant can’t go outdoors ’til the danger of getting frost is already over. If you have a space indoors like a window that will see the light of day, a greenhouse or a conservatory then plant chili seeds during the last few days in January.

When you plant seeds earlier, then plants are going to grow spindly and tall because they aren’t receiving enough sunlight. It’s probable to do the planting earlier but you’d have to make use of some artificial lights for plants to really develop properly.

3) Don’t overwater

Chili plants like their soil a bit dry and not too over wet. If you overwater plants then chances are that they might drown and die. Water moderately but also don’t let your plant completely dry up.

Just follow these 3 suggestions and for sure you’d have a great small plantation of chilies where you can get an endless supply for your sauces, chili dish and other foodstuffs where chili can be used

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